Web Link to Add Entries

You might want to send an email link to your collaborators to add entries from their device (even a laptop or desktop) by using the web application, without having them to download the mobile app and search for your project.

Adding entries using the web application requires the users to login beforehand.

Epicollect5 does not support anonymous data collection from the web.

The link will be always in the form ofhttps://five.epicollect.net/project/{project-slug}/add-entry

To link your project you just need to replace the {project-slug} with your own project slug (which is your project name in a URL friendly version, i.e. all lowercase and with dashes (-) instead of spaces). Just have a look at your project home URL.

For example, to add entries for the EC5 Demo Project, click on:


After you are logged in, you can add an entry straight away.

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