Double-entry Verification

To increase the data accuracy of some critical questions, Epicollect5 provides the advanced option called "Double entry verification".

The options is available as an advanced option for the following question types:

  • TEXT




When this option is enabled, the users will have to answer the same question twice and both responses MUST match. A common use case could be the user email address, social security number and so on. This validation is performed on the device directly therefore it will work both online and offline reducing the chances of collecting wrong data.

The comparison is case sensitive, i.e "John" and "john" do NOT match.

Let's see it in action: on the form below we enabled the option for a "What is your email?" question

When the users answer this question they will have to enter the email address twice to proceed.

Web application

Mobile application

Have a look at the example project EC5 Double Entry Example.

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