Import & Export Projects

Export just the project definition

Sometimes you might want to share a project with someone not part of your organization, or just use a project as a template, and so on. In that case, cloning is not an option since that will always assign it to the original CREATOR of the project.

Exporting a project does not export its mapping or its users. If you need that, look at project cloning and at how to transfer project ownership.

Export a project

Go to your project details page and click on API:

Scroll at the bottom of the page and click on "Download Project Definition". Save the file in a handy location.

Import a project

To import a project, log in to Epicollect5 and click on "Create Project":

Then click on the "Import Project" tab:

Give your imported project a name, pick your Epicollect5 project file and click on "Import Project".

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