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Epicollect5 provides an intuitive and easy to use drag & drop form builder.
The formbuilder requires a mouse or trackpad so touch device like iPads or Android tablets are not supported yet. We therefore recommend to build your form(s) on a desktop or laptop.
A minimum screen width of 1024 px is also required to be able to show all the user interface controls.
Currently, Epicollect5 allows a maximum of 300 questions per a single form, and a maximum number of 5 linked (hierarchy) forms.
The form builder features a three columns layout:
  • Left column: the available inputs
  • Middle column: the inputs added to each form
  • Right column: the currently selected input settings
By default, each input is shown on a single screen on the mobile app. This allows space for the popup keyboard and the question at the same time. You might want to have more than one question on a page, in that case just use a group.
Remember, you cannot set jumps on inputs within a group, just on the group input. More on jumps.

Video Tutorials