The SEARCH question type behaves like an autocomplete search bar.

When using the SEARCH question type, the users filling in the form will get a list of matching possible answers as soon as they start typing.

Try our EC5 SEARCH QUESTION TYPE project to see the SEARCH questions in action!

It is possible to accept a single answer only (like RADIO and DROPDOWN) or multiple answers (like CHECKBOX).

SEARCH questions can have up to 1000 possible answers per each question, but there is a limit of 5 SEARCH questions per project.

This is done to avoid overuse of this question type instead of the more common RADIO, CHECKBOX, and DROPDOWN question types. Common use cases could be a list of world countries, animal or plant species, and so on.

Mobile app (available from version 2.0.5)

Please update your mobile app if the version is older than 2.0.5. Check your current version under Menu > Settings.

Older versions will not work with the SEARCH question type causing the app to crash.

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