Edit Project Details

The Project details panel shows basic info about your project.
After creating the project, you will be sent to the project details page. Here you can manage all the settings of your project.

Project Logo and Description

Clicking the edit button (pen icon) will show the panel below, giving you the chance to edit the small description, write a full one, also upload a logo for your project.
If you make any changes, confirm them by clicking "update", otherwise close the edit panel with the X button.
The Project Details panel when open

Project Settings

The "Settings panel" (see below image) gives you access to other project settings:

Project Access

PRIVATE or PUBLIC, define whether the users need to be added to the project as members to view & collect entries.
  • Public: anyone will be able to view the collected entries, add new entries, or download all the entries. API endpoints are open.
  • Private: only members of the project can access it. API endpoints require authentication
On PUBLIC projects, users still need to log in to add entries via the web. On the mobile app, authentication is not a requirement.
Moreover, users must log in to download entries as csv or json files.

Project Status

  • ACTIVE: project can be viewed, data can be collected and uploaded.
  • TRASH: project cannot be viewed or receive data, but it can be restored. To delete it permanently, when a project is trashed a "delete" button appears.
  • LOCK: project can be viewed, but it does not accept any new entries.

Project Visibility

  • LISTED: this means your project can be found when searching for a project on the website.
  • HIDDEN: means only users knowing the URL will be able to access it on the web
Important: visibility settings make sense for a PUBLIC project, as a PRIVATE project is already hidden from web searches on the Epicollect5 site.
On the mobile app, all projects are shown when searching (otherwise it would be impossible to download them), but private projects will show a "lock" icon and will require authentication to be downloaded.

Project Category

A label is attached to projects to group them into categories.
"GENERAL" is the default one. You can choose from:
  • General
  • Social
  • Art
  • Humanities
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Science
The Project Settings panel

My Projects Page

To access the project details page, click on "My Projects" and then the "Details" button for the project you wish to edit.