Add Entries (Multiple Forms)

On multiple forms projects, like our EC5 HIERARCHY PROJECT, the data collection follows a hierarchy structure. It is exactly like using folders on your computer. We usually create a parent folder and inside it one or more subfolders and so on. A parent folder can contain multiple subfolders. It is not possible to create a subfolder without a parent folder.
In the sample project, we set up three linked forms: CLASS > PUPIL > TEST.
The main idea is to add a list of CLASS entries and add PUPIL entries to each CLASS entry. Afterwards, we want to add TEST entries to each PUPIL entry.
Look below, we added a CLASS entry named "History" to the EC5 HIERARCHY PROJECT.
When an entry for a form is added, and there is a linked form, an arrow button appears next to the entry when viewing the list of entries. We added a CLASS entry named "History".
On larger screens like a tablet, or when the device is in landscape mode, the name of the linked form also appears. Our child/linked form is named PUPIL.
Tapping the PUPIL button takes you to the PUPIL form, where we can add child entries to the "History" CLASS entry. Tap the +ADD ENTRY button on the top right to add an entry.
We added a PUPIL entry named "Mirko" and that appears as a child entry of "History". At this point, following the same steps, we can either add another PUPIL entry or go a level further down the forms hierarchy to add a TEST entry to a PUPIL. The back button at the top left indicates "CLASS", our starting form.
On larger screens or in landscape mode, the name of the linked TEST form appears.