Entries Limits

If you are collecting data for a project where the manager(s) set entries limits, you might get some errors when try to upload entries. More on setting entries limits.
For example let's have a look at out example project EC5 Limit entries.
On the EC5 Limit entries project, we set the limits of the PERSON form to 2. We already uploaded 2 entries to the server for the PERSON form, so let's see what happens if you try to add an extra entry.
We added an entry locally, "Mirko", and we tried to upload.
The upload attempt failed, as the entries limit on the server is reached.
The "Mirko" entry is flagged as wrong. Tap on it to see the problem.
There is an error message explaining why the entry was not uploaded: "Entries Limit Reached".
If you download the entries from the server, they count towards the entries limit therefore the "Add Entry" button gets disabled.