Google Maps

It is pretty easy to import Epicollect5 data into Google Maps (by using My Maps)

Go to and log in with your Google Account.

Click on "+ CREATE A NEW MAP".

On the new map, click on the import button.

Pick the .csv file with your downloaded data. (How to download data?). Wait for the upload to complete.

You will be asked to pick the latitude and longitude from your data set. Epicollect5 prepends "lat_" and "long_" to latitude and longitude columns respectively.

We are using the EC5 Demo Project for this example so we will pick "lat_3_Where_are_you" as the latitude and "long_3_Where_are_you" as the longitude.

Now you will be asked to pick a column of your data set to be used as the title for the placemark. Epicollect5 conveniently has a "title" column assigned to each of your entries (learn more about entry title) therefore that is an obvious choice.

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