What is Epicollect5

Free and easy-to-use mobile data-gathering platform.

Epicollect5 is a mobile & web application for free and easy data collection developed by the CGPS Team.

It provides both web and mobile applications for the generation of forms (questionnaires) and freely hosted project websites for data collection.

Projects are created by using the web application at five.epicollect.net (see how to create a project) and then downloaded to the device to perform the data collection (see how to add a project to the mobile app).

Data are collected (including GPS and media) using multiple devices and all data can be viewed on a central server (via map, tables, and charts).

Data can be exported in csv and json format

The mobile app is currently available for both Android (10+) and iOS (13+)

Please note that the supported versions of our application may change over time due to requirements imposed by Google and Apple. These requirements may include updates to the minimum API levels for Android or iOS versions supported by Apple devices.

As a result, older versions of our application may become incompatible with the latest operating systems or may no longer receive updates and support. To ensure the best experience and access to the latest features and security enhancements, we recommend regularly updating to the latest version of the application available on the respective app stores.

Epicollect5 is 100% free to use without any limits(*). You can create as many projects and upload as many entries as you wish.

Epicollect5 is financially supported by the Wellcome Trust Foundation and we implement open-source technologies to be able to provide the service for free.

(*) We kindly remind you of our fair usage policy, which remains in effect.

For instance, uploading 500 videos, each at 500MB, would consume a total of 250GB of storage space.

While there are no restrictions preventing you from doing so, it's essential to note that our resources are finite, and Epicollect5 is not designed as a free storage solution.

Ready? Go ahead and create your first project!

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