Privacy Policy

We take privacy and security very seriously. Epicollect5 stores user data according to the following Privacy Policy.

User Accounts

Public users must have a Google account as that is the only option to login to Epicollect5.

Without a Google Account, it will not possible to download the Epicollect5 mobile app from the Google Play Store.

We decided to use Google Accounts for security and because we do not want to store any personal details about any user. The only piece of information we keep is the user email for basic project user management.

Whether you want to use your personal email or another email just for Epicollect5 is up to you.

User Data

Project managers retain ownership of the data. We will never share or access your data, unless granted permission by you, in order to provide you with technical assistance.

Technically speaking, each user owns all of the content added to Epicollect5; therefore, they could copyright it. However, by uploading data to Epicollect5 a user gives explicit access to that material to whoever has got access to that project.

Protecting Your Data

Epicollect5 is part of the Big Data Institute at Oxford University ( and hosted on the world-class cloud hosting provider, Digital Ocean:

You can read about Digital Ocean data security here:

Digital Ocean services fully comply with GDPR:

Epicollect5 embraces industry standard best practices to protect against un-authorised access of your data.

Data are sent over HTTPS and its TLS certificate uses SHA-256 with RSA encryption as a signature algorithm.

Epicollect5 mobile app data stored on the device is not encrypted by default but if that extra level of security is needed, any recent Android and iOS device can be encrypted system wide. Read how to do it.

Daily backups of the server are run in case of a system fault.

If you have any questions regarding our security and backup procedures please contact us.