View Projects

After you create a project, you are redirected to the project "details" page, containing all the information about your project.

Your project home page URL will be at the top:

It is usually like

The last part /my-awesome-project is your project slug. A project slug is a web-friendly version of your project name, where all the spaces are converted to dashes (-) and the letters are all lowercase. This is a convention for URLs all over the web. Since each project gets its own URL, your project name cannot be the same as any other projects on Epicollect5.

Projects with the EC5 prefix are projects created by the Epicollect5 Team only therefore the prefix EC5 is reserved.

Going to your project homepage, this is how it would look like:

At a glance you can see:

  • Your project logo

  • Your project small description

  • Total of entries collected

  • Date of last entry uploaded

  • Your project full description

To view your data, click on "View Data". More on Viewing data.

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