Add Entries (Single Form)

Add entries to a project that consists of a single form.
To begin adding an entry, first click on your project from the 'Projects' list home page.
Next, click the '+ Add Entry' button to start adding an entry to your form.
In this example, the form is called simply 'Form 1'.
This will begin the process of adding an entry, where you can answer each question in the form.
A progress indicator tells you how far through each form you are and you can use the 'Next'and 'Previous' buttons to navigate.
If you decide to quit your entry early, you can choose to save your incomplete entry.
Incomplete entries cannot be uploaded.
Only complete entries may be synced with the server.
In order to complete an entry, you must reach the end of the form.
Once you have reached the end of the form, you can save your entry.
You will then be taken back to the form home page where you can add more entries, view your entry or upload your entry to the server.